Invited speak

  • [20] Ariizumi T and Ezura H
    "NBT" 日本植物細胞分子生物学会 Ueda, Sep 4th, 2016
  • [19] Ariizumi T
    "The discovery of the role of etylene in the regulation of fruit set in tomato. " 植物生理学会, Iwate, March 19th, 2016
  • [18] Ariizumi T
    U.S.-Japan Research Institute, Plant Science Research For Global Food Security, Washington DC, USA, February 25th, 2016
  • [17] 有泉亨
    "筑波大学テニュアトラック「新つくば型」を終えて" 筑波大学茗荷谷キャンパス、日本テニュアトラック会議, Feb 10th, 2016
  • [16] Ariizumi T
    "Enhancement of tomato qulity by the breeding tequniques." 1/22/2016, Tsukuba-France Joint Conference, Tsukuba
  • [15] 有泉亨
    "育種技術の力でトマトを高品質化する" 1/21/2016, 理化学研究所(和光)
  • [14] 有泉亨
    "園芸作物トマトの遺伝資源創成と果実発達遺伝子群の同定"  東京園芸懇話会, 筑波大学, 12/8/2015
  • [13] Ariizumi T et al.
    "Towards improved fruit set efficiency using tomato genetic resources" International Symposium on Solanaceae Cenferance 2015 (SOL2015), Bordeaux, France Oct. 25-29th (2015)
  • [12] Ariizumi T et al.
    "トマト変異体を利用した着果の分子機構解明" JSOL2015, Meiji University, Sep. 4-5th (2015)
  • [11] Ariizumi T
    "Exploring molecular aspects of fruit set initiation in tomato"
    Kickoff Symposium for Tsukuba-Norwich Collaborative Research Networks, University of Tsukuba, March 14th (2014)
  • [10] Ariizumi T et al.
    "The identification of a new tomato fruit size mutant"
    JSOL2013, Osaka Prefecture University, Nov. 29th-30th (2013)
  • [9] Ariizumi T et al. 
    "Development of induced mutant resources for functional genomics of tomato"
    International Symposium on Diversifying Biological Resources, University of Tsukuba, Nov. 20th -21st (2013)
  • [8] 有泉亨・江面浩 
    "ゲノム情報学を利用したトマトの果実形成に関する包括的研究" 平成25年度秋期園芸学会 岩手大学
  • [7] Shinozaki Y, Hao S, Zheng Y, Fei Z, Zhong S, Giovannoni J, Rose JK, Ezura H, Ariizumi T.                                                     The 9th International Symposium on Japanese Solanaceae  Initiative (JSOL 2013), Tsukuba, Feb 8th- 9th  (2013)
  • [6] Ariizumi T. et al.
    “Development of forward and reverse genetics tools for functional genomics analysis ”
    The 8th Solanaceae and 2nd Cucurbitaceae Joint Conference (SOL&ICuGI 2011), Kobe Convention Center, Nov 28th-Dec 2nd (2011)
    Session Chair of NBRP and Related Bioresources.
  • [5] Ariizumi T.
    “Current Status and Future Prospect of NBRP Tomato.” Joint International Symposium on Japanese Solanaceae/Cucurbitaceae Genomics Initiatives, Okayama University, March 5th (2011)
  • [4] Ariizumi T. et al.
    “Development of saturated mutant populations and large-sale full-length cDNAs in tomato.” RIKEN BioResource Center, Tsukuba, Japan. The 2nd Meeting of Asian Network of Research Resource Centers (ANRRC), October 28th (2010)
  • [3] Ariizumi T.
    “Distribution project for Micro-Tom mutants and BAC clones from NBRP tomato.” March 10th, Okayama University, The 6th JSOL Workshop (2010)
  • [2] Ariizumi T.
    “Genetic research of gibberellin signaling in Arabidopsis for plant breeding.” Integrated Plant Sciences Retreat. February 17, Washington State University, Pullman, USA, (2007) 
  • [1] Ariizumi T.
    “RGL2 protein does not disappear during sly1 mutant seed germination”  
    19th (IPGSA) Meeting. July 21-25, PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico,  (2007)